Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

Our weekend started Friday night with a weekend long softball tournament.  We won Friday night so that meant we played Saturday.  I will just skip Saturday's game because that is about how we played like we wasn't even there!  It was TERRIBLE!  Glad that was over in the 3rd inning!  Oh well...regular season starts Monday night!  Kara Brooke went to sleep in the car almost as soon as I put her in the car.  Poor baby is going to have to live at the ball fields and swimming pool!  Kaylee of course went home with Gracie Beth.   Sunday I went to Susan's 31 party and purchased some cool new stuff.  Kaylee went to Baw Baw's to play with Ethan, Kara Brooke went to the party and picked her out a pretty new purse that holds her sippy cup, I may have a girly girl on my hands.  Jennifer did get a picture hopefully she will share it soon!  
After the party we went to Nana's for our Sunday afternoon dinner.  Yummy as always.  We got to get outside and play and soak up the BEEEE-U-TIFUL weather.  Kara Brooke loves dogs and there are a few in my Mom's neighborhood and she goes nuts, squealing and caring on.  She is a mess!

I have to tell a funny story about Kaylee.
Her Nintendo DS has malfunctioned and she is tore up {Kris is too!} so she is trying to figure out how she can get up $160+ to buy a new one.  She has saved up some money and is only about $40.00 short.  So she called Nana and said I need $40.00 for my birthday, of course Nana said ok.  Well later on tonight Kris went ahead and gave her a $100.00 bill for her birthday {birthday is over a month away mind you} she flipped out... SOOOOO excited.  Then she went on to ask me about how much she would have to use of her money, I told her to go get her calculator and figure it out.  She came back and told me the amount and I agreed with her and told her about the tax.  "TAX???  you mean Wal-Mart will charge a KID...TAX"? Oh yes dear everyone in America has to pay tax.  She then said, "Well I'll just go to Mexico to buy MY new DS!"  OOOOOKKKK... don't think that will be happening! 

I have been getting ready for KB's 1st birthday party!  I still can't believe it.....Stay tuned for a preview of her invite it is just adorable!  

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures and have a great week!


Susan said...

Remember KK if you hit a home run I'll give you some money!! That way you can buy a new game for your new DS that you are going to buy in Mexico!! lol KB was so good yesterday at the 31 party and was totally styling in her new purse. Glad you all had a great weekend. Love the updated photos!

The Howard Family said...

I can't believe that baby is about to be 1! The pics are so cute. Your girls are just gorgeous!

Matt, Allison and Jade said...

Love that KB likes to dig in the dirt:) I need to show my mom your blog, she and all her siblings had red hair and she is dying for it to appear in grandkids since my sister and I both ended up dark brown.
Love the pictures!

Thirty-One Gifts said...

Thanks for coming to Susan's Thirty-One Party. Kara Brooke was the real party...I loved how she carried that little tote around...glad Marie got her one!!

Patsy said...

Poor Kaylee having to learn the tax lesson so early in life. Welcome to the American Dream.

Robyn said...

Your girls are too cute!! It's hard to believe it's been a year already. Time flies!!