Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to the ER & first day of school

So yesterday we went school shopping but before we got started of course we had to eat at Steak n Shake. We were almost done when Kaylee went to the restroom, she came out crying saying she hit her head. We sat there a minute or two and Kaylee just kept saying her head was hurting really bad so my Mom pulled over to her, rubbed her head and her head was gushing blood. She had bent over in the restroom to fix the strap on her shoe and when she came up she caught the corner of the vanity and there you go! So we grabbed everything up and headed to the ER. Kaylee was screaming and was worried they were going to have to shave the back of her head, I was driving like a crazy lady and my Mom was trying to keep her sanity!! We got to the ER and they took her right back, I guess the gushing of blood had a lot to do with it! They got the bleeding stopped and then the Dr. came in, the SAME Dr. Kara Brooke had the week prior...SAD...even sadder....he recognized us!!! Anyway he was great and promised Kaylee that he would not shave her head. So Kaylee has two staples in the back of her head that have to stay in for twelve days.

Today was Kaylee's first day in second grade, she got Mrs. Jojo Hill this year and one of her BFF's, Gracie Beth is in her class too...poor Mrs. Hill, is all I can say!! Check out her outfit this is what SHE chose to wear. No more "cute" has to be COOL from now on!!!

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