Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th weekend

We got our weekend started off right Friday afternoon.  We loaded up and took a road trip to Chattanooga for.....guess what......SOFTBALL!!!  We had two games Friday night and won them both.  After leaving the fields we headed to Sticky Fingers for some yummy BBQ!  Some of us went to the one downtown while others went to the one right next to the hotel!!  hahaha.....that was hilarious, just a simple lack of communication thats all!  Either way we had a blast, good food and great friends, it just dosen't get any better than that!  We headed back to the hotel ummmm, I mean motel and got ready for bed. Got up Saturday morning headed back to the ball field and won every game that we played up to the championship. Unfortunately, we couldn't pull out the last game and took 2nd.  We were st
ill proud of our girls, I think there was 8 or 9 teams there in our division.

Saturday afternoon we headed home, actually to Nana's to get our KB, wow we missed her!  Thanks to Nana & Papaw for keeping her for two are the best!  Kaylee slpet all the way home and we all crashed as soon as we got home!

Sunday morning we slept in and then just hung out around the house for a little while.  We went to Nana's later in the afternoon for a cookout and some swimming.

Happy July 4th, 2010!


Patsy said...

good pictures,,, the girls are growing so much.

Anonymous said...

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