Friday, November 12, 2010

Alumni basketball game 2010

Tonight was our Alumni basketball game at my old high school and let me just say.....WOW, everything does change after 30!!!  hahaha!  We did have a great time and it was so good to see some of my old "basketball sisters"!  I haven't played in four years and since Kara Brooke came along, man my body was hurting.  Oh was worth it.  I did however have a fan club there, thanks friends for coming, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.  

This is the group of girls I graduated with in 1997.  It is so funny how we very rarely see each other but when we get together, especially in the gym, its like we were just together.  I guess spending so much time in the gym together for at least six years of our young lives makes it that way!
And let me just add we did win the district championship our senior year, something that had not been done since the 1940's!!  We were very proud!  

Here are a few more of the girls that played tonight, they are the girls of 1994, except for one.  These girls were such great mentors to all of us and I am very thankfully for the time we all spent together!!

And of course Kara Brooke!!  Kaylee had already left to go to a birthday party!

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