Sunday, January 16, 2011

SNOW much fun of a week!

Saturday we had our first basketball, our girls did real well, they listened and did exactly what we asked them to do and they won by 10 points.  Kaylee I think scored 6, not real sure though.
Sunday we got up and headed to Murfreesboro, we still had a few things to exchange from Christmas, so we got that done and headed back before Kaylee had softball practice.
Kara Brooke and I stayed at home and played.  I have mentioned before that KB loves to use scissors, she calls them her "cuts", she sat for I know an hour just cutting up paper.  WOW...I got so much stuff done and she was so good!

She had her snowman socks on in anticipation of the snow that the weather people were calling for later that night!

The snow did move in about 10:30 SUnday night and this next picture was about 30 minutes after the first flake fell.  Sometimes I doubt the weather folks when it comes to snow.  Seems like when they call for a lot we get every little!  But this time they did get it right!

The next picture is about one hour and thirty minutes into the blizzard of 2011!!
I was so excited, I couldn't believe it!!  I think I was up till midnight watching and trying to figure out if I was going to be able to go to work or not.

And here it is Monday morning, everything covered and just so pretty and calm!

We had right at 6 1/2 inches!  WOW...that is a lot of snow for southern middle TN!!  I did not go to work, mostly because of our Highway didn't see a snow plow until about noon and my van had snow up to the back bumper!!

The kids were very excited and went out to play at like 8:00 am!!  I think the BIG kid in the next picture was the most excited!!  He is worse than the girls!!

Fun, Fun!!

Of course we had to make our traditional snow cream!

And as usual it was YUMMY!  We also made homemade brownies with our snow cream but I didn't take any pictures of that!!

The kids were out of school ALL week!  Kaylee LOVED that and Kara Brooke only went to the sitter two days!  Some of the best memories were made this week!
Wednesday night the roads were much better and we headed back to watch the MTSU Lady Raiders!  This was Kaylee's first college game and she had a blast!!!  She loved it!  She had so many questions, like the media timeouts, and the shot clock.  She thought is was cool that they took timeouts for commercials and she thought the idea of the shot clock was just dumb!!  ha!

Thursday and Friday evenings we just stayed at home  and hung out!
Saturday morning we had to be at the gym early for basketball pictures and then our game followed right after that!
We had a terrible game Saturday and got beat by 9 or 10 points.  We had a bad case of laziness and mental breakdowns!  We did have one player out with the flu and then one player recovering from the flu and too we didn't practice this week because of the blizzard!!  But like I told my girls there are NO excuses, we will get it next time!  Kaylee however, did have a pretty good game.  She listened and did what I asked her do and I think she had 8 points, again not real sure!!
After the game, Kaylee went to eat at El Mexico and then home with some friends.  Kris, KB and I went to eat with our friends Kayla and Brett at Bocelli's! Yumm-O!
Poor Kara Brooke tried to get a nap in the car as we headed to watch the high school basketball games in Unionville!  We had a great night and saw two great games!

And today is Sunday, we haven't done anything today, except Kaylee had Crusher softball practice at Motlow, so she and Kris have gone to that.
Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day so that is another day at home for us!!!

Wheww....if you are still reading- sorry so much but I just had to get this journal caught up!


Abramyan Avenue said...

LOVE all your snow pics! Here in San Antonio we didn't get anything but cold rain!! haha! I wish just ONCE we'd get some snow! I'm glad yall were able to have a fun week and make lifelong memories!

Anonymous said...

I had to giggle at KB's hair in the scissor pictures! I can see that you are giving her no chance to give herself a trim. She would definitely be the one to try that! Have a great week getting back to reality! Amy

Patsy said...

love all the pictures...