Monday, June 13, 2011

Double Digits, Kaylee?


Really today you turn 10? Double digits?  3 more years until you are a teenager?  6 more years until you will be driving down the driveway?
You have really grown up way too fast!!  What a beautiful girl you have grown into.  You are so smart and such a perfectionist.  You truly have a heart of gold and really would like to be friends with everyone. This fall you will be a fourth grader and it seems just like yesterday you were gearing up for kindergarden!!  Your sense of humor is fabulous you make us laugh all the time.  You love to scuffle with your Daddy and you love to read to Kara Brooke.  You are a great big sister even though you aggravate her sometimes and cause big fights.....she LOVES you to pieces and would follow you to the end of the world.
You love to play softball and basketball and most recently you have taken up golf!!  Again, even in sports you have a huge heart and lots of dedication and that is what I love about you.  I always remind you that heart, dedication and attitude will take you along way.  You always work hard no matter what!!

You are one amazing daughter and I thank God everyday for a healthy you!!  I hope you know how much Daddy and I love you!!
Always remember to take the high road KK!!!  :)

Kaylee picked Long Horn for her birthday meal, she was wanting some steak!!!

Nana and Papaw surprised you with a Kindle.....ummmm a bit surprised there sweet girl??

The folks at Long Horn sang to ya and brought out a yummy dessert!!!

Tom & MeMe hooked you up with amazon gift cards to the tune of about $200.00 to use with your Kindle.....not to mention the other gifts you got!  I think you had a pretty awesome day!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Kaylee Wreanne!!

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