Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day of 4th grade

This is Kaylee's first day of 4th grade picture!!  I really can not believe it, she is just growing up so fast!  She did get the teacher she wanted for homeroom and she will be changing classes this year.  For Kaylee I feel like that will be a big adjustment.

This week we are on "horse show break", Kaylee and Kara Brooke are lucky girls because Nana has taken the week off for them to stay with her!!  Talk about two excited girls, they will both be so spoiled after this week!!  Oh well...they will make some of the best memories with Nana and I know she love every minute just as much the the kiddos!!

We are in the process of remolding our kitchen and man it has been crazy trying to decide on counter tops, tile, paint colors, etc.  I don't think I could ever build an entire house because I am too indecisive!!
We are almost finished, actually I'm hoping it will be completely done by the weekend.  I can not wait to show you pictures, it is going to be beeeeeUtiful!!!  :)

Of course we have been busy with softball.  We have been practicing one to two nights a week getting ready to start playing in tournaments in just a few weeks!!  We are very excited about our new team and new coach.  Things seems to be going very well and the girls seem to be responding to our new coach just as we had hoped!!  It is amazing the difference in Kaylee in just three weeks, she is so excited and she is learning so much!!!  

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