Sunday, October 30, 2011


Our girls wrapped up the fall ball season winning the fall STATE Tournament!!!
I can not tell you how proud I am of these girls, they have really worked hard in three months and have overcome a ton of obstacles that was thrown at them over the spring and summer!!!
Just an awesome group of friends!!
Congrats Middle TN High Voltage!

"Good eye" Kaylee, "Good eye"!!

Looking good Abi!  This girl has really come a long way with her pitching....she is going to be phenomenal!!!

Kaylee is down and ready!

One is coming her way......

Ohhh yeah...don't move, girl on 2nd, 'cause you will be out too!!!
Good job Kaylee!!!

What makes a great ball team???
A butt chewing, every now and then!!!

Doing their victory dance.....The Dougie!!!


Kaylee on 1st after a beeeeeUtiful bunt!!!

Oh there's the beautiful bunt!!!
(Pictures got out of order!)


Silly picture!!

Kaylee and Coach!

Celebrating at Cracker Barrel,
Cole letting it be known, who the champs are!!!  :)

Also Middle TN High Voltage had an awesome write up on Youth1 that we knew nothing about!!  Go check it out.

How about that!!!  So proud that these home town girls got recognized!!!
Congrats again MTHV!!!
As Youth1 said you are going to have an amazing spring and summer!!!
We can't wait!!!

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