Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting ready for Baby Kaemey

Sunday was a very busy day, the girls and I went to a baby shower for my dear friend Kayla and then we had family pictures made right after the shower, (sneak peak coming soon!)

I know I have said it before but let me say it again....WE LOVE THE YOUNG'S and we can not wait to meet Kaemey Leigh!!!  This is such a special family and we are so blessed by their friendship and we thank God for bringing them into our lives!!!

Here is BIG SISTER Kaegan and her beautiful Mommy Kayla!!!

Here is just one of the gift tables, they got so much stuff!!

Kayla and one of her sister in laws, Kelly.

These are the two little gowns and burp clothes that we got Kaemey....they turned out so cute and I think   she loved them!!!
There is such a funny story about this gift too and since I don't want to forget it, I must journal it.
I had ordered the gowns weeks ago, like six weeks in fact.  I noticed on the website that it said allow 4-6 weeks turn around time on all problem we will have plenty of time I thought.  Long story short I had not received these sweet gowns by Tuesday before the shower, I started to panic.  Ashley at SheSheMade  was awesome and assured me that I would have my gift in hand on Saturday that she would over night the package to me!  No problem...everything would work out, right.....WRONG!!!
Saturday morning I had to work and I kept checking my email tracking my little package from TX.  The last scan in was at 6:40 am into Nashville.  I just knew something was wrong, there was no way I was going to get that.  Thank goodness I have some good friends that work next door at the post office, I called them, they tracked it down.  It was still at the USPS sorting hub in Nashville.  Alright...I'll just go get it!!!
So, my Mom, the girls and I drove to the Nashville International Airport went to the USPS sorting hub and the nice fellow had my package waiting on me!!!  Thank goodness!  It was a cool little trip though, the girls loved it, seeing all of the airplanes coming and going and I never dreamed that the USPS sorting hub was that big!!!
The gowns were just beautiful and the girls at SheSheMade out did themselves!!!

Kaylee and her twin Kate!  :)

Kayla and I...Kaegan helped Kaylee take this picture!  :)

Kayla, her MIL Kat and her two SIL's Kelly and Keri.
Everybody always thinks that I am somehow related to these girls.....I can't imagine why!  
I think its an awesome compliment cause they are all 4 beautiful inside and out!  And they are so much fun to be with!

Kayla and her Mom and sister!  They are sweet, sweet ladies too!!!

Kayla and all of her nieces and one of her nephews, two other nephews are missing and then of course Big sister Kaegan and her adopted nieces, Kaylee and Kara Brooke!  

Again, we are so excited about baby Kaemey and just can not wait for her to get here.  One thing is for sure she will know her name with all of that sweet monogrammed stuff she got and she will be a stylin little baby girl...but really did we expect anything less!!!!
Love you Kayla, Brett and Kaegan!!

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