Sunday, November 25, 2007

So how many of you have started your Christmas shopping? How many of you are already done? Well I have got a good start on mine. My Mom and I went Saturday we left Shelbyville at 1:30 and got back at 10:00pm. about tired when we got back. Our last stop was Kohl's and you know when I say ok I'm so tired I can't even shop anymore I must be REALLY tired! We did get a lot done and had a great time.

Kaylee got her report card last Wednesday and once again got straight S's for the second six weeks. Way to go Kaylee!!!! School starts back in the morning after being off for Thanksgiving break. She is so ready to go back even though she had a great time off because she stayed two nights with Nana & Papaw.

Monday night Susan and I will be going to Angie's to finish making our last set of hand made Christmas cards. We always have a great time doing that, maybe you will receive one of our beautiful cards!

The pregnancy is going great, growing bigger everyday. We go back to the Dr. a week from tomorrow. I wonder how much weight I will have gained, at least I can use Thanksgiving as an excuse!!!!

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jpasalakis said...

You need to take Kaylee to Chuck E. Cheese. They give free tokens for good grades. I'll make sure I tell her that when I see her next.