Thursday, January 31, 2008

My aching tooth!

So a couple of weeks ago I got a tooth ache that was so bad that I would have rather had a baby! Of course I couldn't take any pain medicine other than Tylenol and I didn't even want to take that. Finally I went to sleep that night got up the next morning called my dentist and he told me to come right on. I got there and he could tell by looking at my swollen face that I had an absessed tooth!!! what? He drilled into my tooth so that it could drain and put medication down in there to kill the infection and then called Dr. Moss (my OB) and asked her what antibiotic she would ok to get rid of the infection, she told him Keflex and she told him NO pain medication! So if you know me I have never been one to take medicine and now I REALLY don't want to take anything with the pregnancy and all. With some releif I went back to work and got on the internet to read about toothaches and Keflex (the name of the med). The internet said it was fine for pregnant people to take. With still some apprehension I went on to the drug store after work to pick up my meds and before I left the pharmacy I had to talk to the pharmicist just to double or should I say triple check with the third professional, of course she said it was completly safe, so I started taking the medicine as soon as I got home. The next couple of days it finally quit hurting. I went back to the denist two days later and Dr. Clark decided to tempary fill the tooth and wait until after the baby gets here to finish the root canal. Ok great...the tooth feels just fine! That brings us to this past Monday night I came home from work, we had dinner and oh my gosh I thought I was going to die the pain started again!!!! I sleep NONE that night got up called my dentist and he told me to get to his office ASAP!! I got there he drilled it again and told me he couldn't do anything else for me except give me more antibiotics. I said NO I am not taking no more medicine just pull the tooth and lets be done with this. He said he didn't need to pull it because there is probably more infection in there and it could spread! The only thing he could do was send me to an endodontist in Murfreesboro. He called this tooth specialist and told her what was going on and she said to be at her office at two o'clock that day. I get there the tech was going to take on x-ray. You know me I have already googled endodontist and root canals prior so I knew they would have to take x-rays but it said that I needed to be covered with two lead shields. So the girl started her process and I didn't say anything too quickly I just wanted to see what she would do. WHEWHOOOOO the girl was great she knew right away I was pregnant, (don't know what gave that away) she figured out how many weeks I was by my chart and the girl went and got two lead shields!!! Oh yeah...I'm feeling much better all ready, these people might really know what the are doing! The little x-ray picture pops up in front of me and the tech say, "WOW"! I'm looking at her like WHAT???? She said, "You have a lot of infection in that sucker, I don't see how it hasn't already fell out!" So the Dr. comes in, ozing with kindness and knowledge. She looked at the x-ray and says, "UMMMMMM........we have got to do something about this thing today!" I'm thinking yes the first good thing I've heard all day, I already LOVE this woman! She proceeds to tell me that she is going to have to work me in but we are going to get this tooth cleaned out today! She finally gets started after telling me everything that she was going to do was completely safe for the baby. I tried to keep my eyes closed most of the time but I did see this little roto rutter looking thing that she was using. She finally finished and said that she cleaned the tooth out all the way down through the canal and put quite a bit of chemical in there to kill the infection. She gave me her cell phone number and said to call her that night if I was in too much pain, she would call me in some stronger Tylenol. I'm thinking ok I don't think the pain can get much worse, boy was I mistaken....after the local numbness had wore off...holy you know what!!!! Kris and I had to stop to pick up Kaylee at my Mom's house and I went in a laid down on the bed. The greatest mom ever, MY MOM, fixed us dinner that included mashed potatoes, mac & cheese and homemade gravy and biscuit. I finally had to break down and take Tylenol every four hours it barley killed the pain but any relief was great! My wonderful Mom gave my child a bath and we came home. I went to bed and sleep pretty good. The last coulple of days it has slowly stopped hurting although I am NO where near saying it dosen't hurt. I have not had any Tylenol today so that is a good thing. I go back to the Endodontist Wednesday to see if all the infection is gone, if so she will finish the root canal!!!!!

Sorry this post ended up being a long one but I had to share my pain with you! Thanks for listening and pray that this infection goes away before Wednesday and that I'm back to normal.....whatever that is!!!

Oh yeah I think we have our babies name narrowed down to just a few so maybe within the next week we reveal her name!!!!!

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Susan said...

I would also like to send a BIG shout out to my BEST friend in the whole wide world for staying on my case and making me call the dentist after the second day I came in and was hurting!!! Thanks SUSAN!! lol

I'm so glad that you are feeling better I hate to see my sis hurting!!

Love ya!!