Sunday, January 13, 2008

Name that baby!

So we are having a really hard time thinking of a name for our new little one. The names that we come up with either all three of us don't agree on it or it is just an ok name, nothing that we all three are just wowed by. So here is where we need your help.....we are asking you, our friends and family, to name that baby! We are open to all suggestions. Please leave your name suggestion or suggestions in the comments section of this post. Please leave as many as you want or as many times as you want, don't be shy....we need your help!!!


jpasalakis said...

This is the fun part! (besides making the baby LOL) Check out the social security's website for popular names to get you thinking.

Molly almost was a Megan or Mallory.

Susan said...

Uncle Sam Sam suggested Samantha!! LOL

TheWattFamily said...

Here I go again, butting my nose in. I hope you don't mind.

My friend is about to have a baby girl and her name is Josie. A little red-headed Josie would be so sweet. By the way, your Kaylee is an absolute doll!!!

Charlotte & Bertie were two other names I had picked out for my girls.
Good luck!

Amanda said...

Well, I have a BUNCH for you to look at: Macy, Lena, Candace, Brooke, Sophie, Kelsey, Bailey, Hannah, Melia, Emelia, Ginny, Mia, Gillian, Kyla

I know that's a lot but you don't have very many suggestions. Hope it helps. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Adams Family

My suggestions are Zoie, Bridgett, Addison,Ashlynne,Blair, Karley (Karleigh) Karlee, Payton, Phoebe, Reagan, Jillian

Hope this helps!!

Andrea said...

Hey Holli that last post from anonymous was from me. I wasn't sure what to do, but got an account so it will be fixed for future comments. Good luck Andrea