Friday, January 4, 2008

Well here she is; is that not the most awesome profile?

So when I got up this morning I was filled with so many emotions. Of course I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I thought I knew what the ultrasound tech was going to say the sex was but it is just so nerve racking making sure that the baby is healthy, has all body parts and all the other things that we worry about. We all, except for Kaylee and my Mom, just knew it was going to be a little boy. Even I believed it so much that I already had a boy named picked out, bedding, travel system and all the other major things babies need. I think the biggest reason I thought it was a boy was everything has been so different than it was with Kaylee but I guess that just proves all pregnancies are different. And if you will remember Dr. Moss even said the heart beat sounds boyish last month. Her heartbeat was still only 150 bpm. So that myth is now broken. We also did the ring test on a string holding it over the stomach, it swung back and forth, so that meant a boy. The only thing that pointed to a girl was the Chinese birth chart. So anyway, we are in the ultrasound room and of course it takes awhile to look at and measure everything and then finally she says, "Well it is a GIRL." Kris and I looked at each other like WHAT, REALLY? Kaylee is going "YES!!!!" with her arms streched up in the air and then saying, "I told ya'll, I was right....Whewhoooo!" Kris says, "Are you sure that isn't a boy?" The tech says, "Honey you can wish whatever you want the next 20 weeks, but I'm telling you this IS a girl!" Of course we are very happy either way we are just so thankful she is healthy and has a healthy little heart. She was also very active so much that the tech was getting flustered trying to measure and check all the things that she needed to. In the video you can see her flipping and rolling around and then she got the hic ups it was so cute. I don't think Kaylee has stopped smiling yet, I'm so thankful that she was able to be in there with us because her little face was priceless. When I got back to work the girls I work with had decorated my area in pink. How sweet was that?
Thank you to everyone who voted looks like most of you thought it was a little boy too. You girl voters knew more than we did. Thanks again and stayed tuned for more updates and pictures.

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jpasalakis said...

Don't you know the Chinese are always right! Congrats on a healthy little girl. She already has a beautiful wardrobe to grow in to.

We need some more pictures of your cute little growing belly.