Monday, March 3, 2008

Dr. report

Today was my last monthly visit, I start going every two weeks. I saw Dr. McGowan today, I really liked her and got a great report. Everything was good, there was no trace of protein in my urine which means the swelling is not pre eclampsa yet. My BP was 120/80 and Kara Brooke's heart beat was great! She said that I am just going to be one of those people who carry more fluid than most and as long as the BP stays normal the baby is fine. She did say she didn't think I would make it 11 more weeks she thinks Lil Miss will be here early she would never say how much earlier just not May 20th. I am measuring pretty much on target but she said it is just hard to guess how much the baby will weigh or how much she weighs right now because of all the fluid. I have now gained a total of 30 lbs., yeah you heard me right 30 freaking pounds people! Of course, I was flipping out over that and Dr. McGowan said actually you still like another 50 lbs. to be where you were when you delivered your first child. I guess that was supposed to make me feel better! But she told me not to worry about the weight and fluid just keep doing what I have been doing and know my limitations. Also I went ahead and pre registered per Dr. McGowan's request.


TheWattFamily said...

Dr. McGowan was my doctor before I moved to Fayetteville. She is awesome. I gained 67, 45, and 62 lbs with each of my babies. I think my body thought I needed to weigh a certain amount before I could give birth because I weighed the same each time I went into the hospital. Anyway, I've always been pretty lucky to lose most of it...except for that last 10lbs...but I'm working on that. It's great that you have a doctor that doesn't make you feel like a pig every time you weigh in like I did. Good to see everything going well.

Patsy said...

Hey, what are you complaining about,,, I weigh more now than I did with either one of mine,,, and it ain't going away at the end of 9 months. My thyroid changed all that in '91. Oh Well!!!!! Atleast, you don't have far to go.... hang in there,, Kara Brooke will be here before you know it and you will change weight gain for loss of sleep.... LOL

jpasalakis said...

I know you will be back in your skinny jeans in no time! more panel pants.