Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks Mom.....

I know everyone thinks they have the best Mom ever but I hate to break it to you Mom is the BEST! First of all, I just wanted to share a few things that she as made for Kara Brooke's room.

This is the skirt and cover on the changing table that she made. Is not the cutest thing ever???

These are a few of the burp "rags" as Kaylee would say. I know, I know these ARE the cutest things you have ever seen!
So besides making and buying all of these sweet things today she came over with a mattress and sheets for the cradle helped me finish up Kaylee's room, cleaned both of my bathrooms (I mean like spotless!), changed the sheets on my bed, cooked dinner and cleaned up my kitchen. She is ALWAYS doing something for us!! Mom, I know you say I don't have to tell ya, that it is just your job but.................THANKS for EVERYTHING that you have done and everything that you will do in the next few months!
A few other things:
Kaylee went with her MeMe over spring break to get her nails done and she wanted to make sure that I put them on our "website".

I just had to share this picture, doesn't she look grown up?

Oh yeah we also bought our first pack of diapers this weekend too!

Tomorrow I go back to the Dr. I will see Dr. Moore this week, I have not ever seen her. She wasn't a partner when Kaylee was born, but I have heard great things about her! Stay tuned for that report.


Melinda_J said...

That really is the CUTEST changing table!!! Your mom is amazing!!!

Patsy said...

Yeah,, Pam sure is talented. Everything is just sssooo cute. Getting closer everyday. Kaylee nails are lovely. She is growing up and will be a big help when Kara Brooke gets here.

Susan said...

That looks great. I wish I would thought about that when I used it for Ethan's room. Oh Well maybe some other time. I love KK's nails and her hot little Miss outfit!! Did you use your coupon on them diapers!! lol

jpasalakis said...

Kaylee is such a little lady. Her nails look great.

I love your mom! How thoughtful is she to help you around the house. I know you appreciated it so much.