Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dr. update

Saw Dr. Moore yesterday, She was absolutely AWESOME! I think she is my new favorite Dr. other than Dr. LaRoche, of course! Anyway, everything was great. BP was 124/72.. picture perfect huh? Kara Brooke's heart beat was 150 and sounded great. She is still hanging out in my right rib and getting bigger every day! Dr. Moore says she thinks this little girl isn't going to be too little at least every bit of what Kaylee was which was 8lbs. 3ozs. She also moved me up a week and said that I need to start coming every week now so that Dr. Moss could check me to see just how big KB is. Of course the swelling is still there but nothing alarming since my BP is so good! Remember I said I was NOT going to take on the cabbage patch look this time.....well Kara Brooke has decided that I need too!! I'll get a picture up soon. The only negative thing Dr. Moore said was that I am about 50% dehydrated.....DEHYDRATED......are you kidding me???? I drink water constantly!!!!! Like bottles and bottles everyday!


Susan said...

Not much longer I can't wait!! She does drink a LOT of water you should see ALL the water bottles sitting around her work station!!

Patsy said...

You've been thru this before, so you know the last days are the hardest. Keep drinking that water. I put the 13th on my calendar today, I plan to make it..