Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dr. Report

Well yesterday's visit wasn't as great as they have been but it could have been worse. I met Dr. Jones she was really nice and straight forward. My BP was up a little than it usually is but was still in the normal range. We never could get a count on KB's heartbeat because she was so active but Dr. Jones said she wasn't concerned with her it was me that had her worried. My swelling is terrible and if there had been protein in my urine she would have put me on bed rest yesterday. THANK GOODNESS that didn't happen! She is making me go back Friday to see Dr. Moss, so our prayer for the week is that the swelling will go down and they don't put me on bed rest!

Other news: Softball season has started for Kaylee; they played in a tournament this past weekend and come out second so of course we were very proud of that. Regular season games start tonight and also her swim team practices started last night.

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Patsy said...

Congrats to Kaylee. Second at the beginning of the season and with practice, they may take first by the end of season.

As for YOU, Little Missy,,,, you better take care of yourself. Maybe it wouldn't hurt if you take it easier and spend some time in bed, before the doc makes you stay there 24/7.