Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am CRAZY......

Well Kaylee has talked about trying out for the city swim team, "Shelbyville Sharks" for some time. Her good friend Taylor was on the team last year and really enjoyed it. Of course Kaylee loves to swim, my parents have an in ground pool and so does Kris' dad. So try outs where this week and I tried to talk Kaylee out of it saying that we would be too busy with softball and Kara Brooke on the way and so on, so on.....I expected her to be upset with me and argue about it, nope instead I watched the saddest face come over her and tears fill her eyes as she said, "ok Momma I understand", yeah.....what is a Mom to do then.....we went to tryouts today and of course she made it! She did so good. She was first of three to jump in the 12 ft. water and take off freestyle swimming and the kid only had to stop once to take a breath. Then the coach came over and asked if she could swim on her back, just as I was about to say I don't think so, Kaylee says, "yes ma'am"...I'm looking at the woman like finally it was her turn to backstroke and I'm setting there thinking can she really backstroke? She jumps back in the water while underwater turns around so that she is on her back and yes people the kid backstrokes the whole length of the pool without even stopping! I guess she showed me....the coach was cheering her on and then looked at me with the biggest smile! Kaylee gets out of the pool walks over to me and says, "well how do you think I did, I think I did really good! I told you I could swim on my back." I said, " Yes little girl you did fabulous...where did you learn how to do that?" Kaylee said, "I guess my Nana taught me, call her and ask her."
So now it is something every night of the week except for Wed. Oh and did I mention that I will be having a baby in a few weeks or that my husband works long hours during the summer? Wish me luck...anyone who does not have something to do any given night just call me......CRAZY I say!!!!

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Susan said...

You know me and JJ are here to help out in anyway. I can always keep KB :) or take or pick up KK all you have to do is call you know we don't mind AT ALL!!!