Friday, May 16, 2008

We are home!

Well friends, it has been 48 hours since we have returned home with our new addition and I must say, WHEWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....boy has it been awhile! It hasn't been that bad it is just that Kara Brooke's formula is giving her a really bad stomach ache and gassing her up. The first night was really bad but then last night wasn't too bad for me but my little stinkers tummy got to bothering her. She went to sleep at about 10:30pm and then didn't wake up until 2:00am this morning, so that was great but then from about 3:30am until 5:30am her tummy was hurting so bad, I think I gave her Mylicon three times, she finally went back to sleep at 5:30 and slept until 10:00am. I called the Dr. yesterday and he said to watch her the next 24 hours and call back if the gas doesn't get any better so of course I called back this morning. I think she needs a formula a little more gentle on her stomach and also she needs to poop! Other than that we are doing good, if we can get those few hours down pat we will be doing great!

But isn't she precious!!!!?????!!!! I still can NOT get over 10lbs. 3oz. chance did anyone notice the jowls or the triple chins on this kid? If not, here are a few more pictures. Oh and thanks to everyone who has commented, called, emailed or who has come to visit us, we really appreciate it!

Going Home!

A HUGE thanks to Nana and Papaw for keeping Kaylee and getting her back and forth to school! I have the best parents in the whole wide world!
Another HUGE thanks to Susan for keeping play play updates on our blog, you did great!
Oh yeah, go to and check out Kara Brooke's hospital pictures and please feel free to give us comments there as well! (You will need her DOB which is May 12, 2008)


MJ said...

Congratulations =o)

She is so beautiful Holli!!!

I hope you get the formula situation figured out quickly =0D

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Those cheeks are absolutely precious. I just want to pinch them. The formula will work out you may just need to try a few different ones.
Good Luck and spoil her rotten.


Anonymous said...

Oh Holli, she is BEAUTIFUL! She does look some like her big sister. Taylor will be happy to see new pictures. She has been asking daily if there's anything new! Wow, I can't believe that 10 3! Did she lose any before coming home and how do you feel? I hope that you are doing well! We will be checking in on you. Lots of love, The O's

Anonymous said...

Holli she is so pretty!!! let me know when we can do pics...I can come to you....even if you don't want pictures...I still hope we can come visit....YOU have a beautiful family!! Congrats! Love ya! Julie

Amy Howard said...

Oh Holli, she is just a little doll! I LOVE those cheeks of hers! I hope you are doing ok as well and I hope the formula situation gets fixed. I know how unpleasant a gassy baby can be!! I love all the pictures and am so glad I am able to keep up with you all. Take care and we'll talk with you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Kara Brooke is just beautiful!! How are you doing?? I know that Kris, Kaylee, and the grandparents will be helping you take good care of her!!! I'll come see her as soon as I can.


Patsy said...

Grateful you are home and settling in with the new bundle. I hope her stomach gets straightened out.

Thirty-One Gifts said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm glad everyone is safely at home.

Anonymous said...

Holli, she is so precious!! I just got back from vacation so today I got to see these other pics of her. I'm so glad you guys are doing good. Susan keeps us posted.
I still am in shock on how big she is. Good luck on the formula situation. I'll keep looking at your blog to keep up with ya.


Kim said...

check out that hair!! Love it!! Good luck with the formula stuff - that is the reason I didn't use that stuff - the same thing would have happened to me all 4 times!! I'm sure of it! I'm currently dealing with reflux - yuck!