Friday, May 23, 2008

School is OUT!

Kaylee went to get her report card this morning and she has been promoted to the first grade! My, my...time really flies! Tuesday Kara Brooke and I went to watch big sister receive her awards at Honor's Day. She got a trophy for reading excellence and a pin for science club. She was so excited and thought it was cool that her name was engraved on her trophy. We are so very proud of her, she didn't want school to be over but is definitely glad she doesn't have to get up so early. Here are a few pictures of Honor's Day....



Gracie Beth M.

Anna B.

Savannah M.

Ashlyn B.

Kara Brooke update:

We still have had trouble with her little belly, so Dr. Bradley changed her formula again to Similac Alimentum. Everyone that I have talked to has said that it is the best stuff that has ever been created. So far so good for us too, but I'm trying not to speak too soon. It seems like it is satisfying her a lot better and she is not eating as much and her tummy seems to be getting better. Dr. Bradley also called us in some drops for gas that is supposed to be a little stronger than Mylicon and that seems to be helping too. We will just keep our fingers crossed and hope that we get it worked out soon. She is just the sweetest little thing even with her tummy ache! Hopefully we will be able to get out with her more over the weekend and next week, I know some of you are just dying to meet her!

Hope everyone has a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!!!!


Patsy said...

Congrats to Kaylee,,, we all knew she was a smart one. KB is looking sorta' like her Daddy to me...

Susan said...

You go Kaylee!!

I have to give Kris credit. That picture of KB looks just like him to me. Sorry Holli :)

Thirty-One Gifts said...

Yeah for Kaylee! I'm very proud of her :). Now who did she get all those smarts from??

Misty said...

Go Kaylee! Kara Brooke is gorgeous, what a doll. We are still getting Similac checks in the mail, I will start saving them for you now that Robyn does not need them anymore, if you want.