Sunday, April 12, 2009

11 months

In just one month cutie face will be celebrating her first birthday!  It just isn't possible that an entire year has already almost gone by!

Here are her latest:
1. She is WALKING all over the place unless she needs to get there really fast then she crawls!
2. She likes to play in the potty. And with a sister who doesn't always remember to flush or shut the doors of the bathroom, this isn't the best!
3. She still only has two teeth but is working on some top ones STILL!
4. She says "mama" and it melts my heart.  She also says Nana, DaDa, naaaaa {no},she will make some kind of noise when she wants Kaylee we just haven't quite put our finger on what it is.
5. She loves to play with the remotes and telephones and will play with her toys IF she can't get either the remote or phone.
6. She has ate a lot of different things, mashed potatoes, peas, spaghetti, french fries, cake, chips, mac & cheese and anything else that you eat that can be broke up in tiny pieces!  She will let you know that she wants some by her famous "URGGHHH" {you know a grunt!}
7. She LOVES music and will dance anytime she hears it including church!  She bobs her head and shakes it as if she were saying no and bounces!
8. She loves her big sister so much.  She wants to do everything she does and would give anything if she could go in her room with her!
9. She enjoys her pasi A LOT!
10. She is doing better with strangers especially males she still is a little skittish of females. 
11. She is still climbing on EVERYTHING and uses other things to climb higher!  She is very mischievous and wants things her way!


Andrea Mc. said...

She is so cute! I can not believe how fast she is growing. We loved having all of you over on Saturday to hunt eggs. Slade liked having KB over for sure.

Thirty-One Gifts said...

A year!! How the time flies by so quick! She is precious and she is doing a lot of stuff.

Time to ditch that pacifier!

Robyn said...

It's hard to believe it's has already been a year!! They grow up so fast. She is so cute and I am loving the red hair!!