Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morning with Kara Brooke

Kaylee was snapping pictures this morning on the way to the sitter. She is staying with KB at Mrs. Sheila's this week since she is on spring break. The first two days of spring break have not been so springish, but isn't Kara Brooke so cute all bundled up!?!

Kara Brooke has learned to point her little finger and Kaylee got it on camera this morning she was soooo proud! Have you ever seen such a fat little hand? LOVE it!


Susan said...

KK did a great job taking pictures. KB is not shy about getting her picture taken at all. lol

Matt, Allison and Jade said...

sooooo cute, I love that Kaylee has an intrest in your camera, she will have her own blog before long :)

Robyn said...

KB is too cute!! I love the hat! ;)