Friday, June 12, 2009

13 months old

Time hasn't slowed down a bit since Kara Brooke's first birthday!  Here is what she has been up to these days.
1. She understands commands like, go find your cup or your shoes.
2. She dances as soon as she hears music.
3. She can say bite, oeeess (shoes), bye bye, Nana and a whole lot and gibberish!
4.  She still doesn't like to get her face wet in the tub.
5. She is still climbing on everything just a little higher and a little more daring.
6. She will eat anything she can get hands on even though she still only has two teeth!
7.  She is completely off the bottle during the day and only gets a small bottle of Alumentium at night.  She is just about weaned off of the high dollar stuff!  Whoooooohooooo!
8. She can point at things that she wants.
9. She will give kisses when you ask of them but only if SHE wants too!
10. She still has the Adams temper and pushes the envelope on everything.
11. Loves her big sister so much and gets so excited EVERY TIME she sees her!
12. Loves to be outside.  (Good thing since she is always tagging along at the ball fields.)
13 .Loves her baby dolls and real ones too, especially Nate.
14. She knows when she is in trouble or has something that she should not because she takes off running.
15.  She has the funniest sense of humor and laughs all the time.         

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Susan said...

I just found this post! I'm laughing at everything I read because it is SOOOO true. She is the funniest little girl I know. She has a look that pretty much tells you like it is. I hope her and Nate stay close, or at least I say that now, it could be trouble in the making! We TOTALLY love our Adam's girls!!