Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Kaylee!

Another year has gone by so fast for our Little miss Kaylee.  She is really  changing into a big girl.  She had rather be on the go and at any body's house except her own unless she has a friend over.  She loves her sports; this year she has been involved with basketball, softball, swim team, slow pitch softball rec league and tournament team, gymnastics and will be in soccer this fall.  She absolutely loves every minute of it.  She is so much like me in that she loves to be involved and loves her friends.  She keeps us on the go all of the time.  
She had a skating party this year to celebrate and had lots of friends and family there to celebrate.  Thanks to everyone! 

Kara Brooke loving Nate, I swear she didn't mean to put him in a head lock.  Bless his heart!

And because as Kaylee said, her birthday party post wouldn't be complete unless..... I mentioned me busting my rear and ending up in the ER!  Oh yes friends, I fell hard, REALLY hard!  I did not hit my elbow but instead tried to catch my self as I fell.  After the party we went to eat and I could not even eat it hurt so bad and continued to swell.  I can not bend it, hold it straight or lift with it.  Two hours, three x-rays and $150 co-pay later the Dr. came in to tell me the good news is, "I don't see anything broke however there is a "fat pad" in the elbow that will not allow us to see on the x-ray and especially with all the swelling."  Are you kidding me?????  So you are sending me home with a maybe broke elbow, a sling, high powerful meds and a referral to an orthopedic doctor!  I am supposed to stay in the sling for a week.  {Will not be happening!}  I am supposed to start trying to stretch it within 48 hours to see if there is anymore range of motion.  Lets all say a prayer that by Tuesday I will be able to move it more!
.....And just in case you needed a visual... here I am trying to get up, Thanks to Kris for being soooo worried....and able to snap a picture! lol
Just for the record, I wasn't the only old person that busted their rear.........

....just the only one that got hurt!
Yes that is Susan on her way back up off the floor!


Susan said...

We had sooo much fun!! You know we do EVERYTHING together so I felt bad when you fell and I didn't so I just had to make it right!! Except I didn't get hurt. Sorry!! lol!!

Andrea McCullough said...

The girls and I had a great time.
I love roller skating and G.B. is getting the hang of it. Thanks for letting Savanna take care of K.B. that is all she wanted to do.
I can not believe how big our girls are getting.

Andrea Brian said...

I am sorry to hear of your fall, but would have really loved to have seen Susan bust her B one good time!!!

Susan said...

Don't be jealous Andrea. Your just upset because I got some mad skating skills. maybe next time you come in I can show ya!! LOL!

Robyn said...

Love the polka dots!!