Sunday, July 26, 2009

I am thinking that I will be purchasing this book in the near future....... help me out with this little cutie face! {trust me looks are deceiving!}
So today Kara Brooke climbed out of her crib and met me in the dining room as I was on my way to get her. I needed to finish up one thing and then I was headed to her room. I guess I took too long and she helped herself! Kris lowered the mattress to the last notch tonight, I'm just wondering how long that will keep our little monkey corralled? Also we ate out twice this weekend for Kris' bday {more to come on that} and KB was that kid that I always looked at the parents and thought do you not hear, see or care what your kid is doing??? Dear Lord, I am sorry that I ever thought those parents were horrible! I am not taking that kid back out in public until she is maybe....4! Oh but Kara Brooke we LOVE you sooooo much even though you do crack up laughing at me after I spank your hand three times in a row!


Andrea McCullough said...

That is the cutest face!

Susan said...

Mommy quit telling stories and that sweet baby girl!! Look at that face, could she really be that bad! lol

Anonymous said...

I still have that book on the shelf with some others on strong will!!! I'll be glad to let you borrow them. She certainly looks sweet while she's testing you. She is too cute Holli!