Friday, July 24, 2009

A night at the fair

Last night we loaded up and headed to the County fair with the Pinkston's!! I must admit I have NEVER been to our fair, just didn't think it was all that or worth the money. Man was I wrong! It was a very good little fair with lots of fun for everyone! Once again I have overloaded you with pictures but if you are like me that is why you visit blogs anyway is for the pictures!
Kris with his funnel cake, I think that was his whole reason for being there!
Kris & Kaylee on top and Ethan & Gavin on the bottom.

Kaylee, Ethan and Gavin

I love this picture, they are watching Kris and Farrah on a ride.


Tell me how much you LOVE this one! Nosey little Kara Brooke's face is TOO sweet!

Kara Brooke looks as if she is saying, "Did you get it, let me see?"

Yeap Kris on that thing somewhere!

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Robyn said...

Have no fear we have KB's outfit is 24 months. {It's sad that our taste in their clothes is so much alike}