Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kara Brooke's first trip to the ER

Well I knew the day would come but just didn't realize it would come at the age of 14 months. So Monday afternoon Kara Brooke and Kaylee were outside with Kris playing on the swing set. Kaylee & Kara Brooke were coming down the slide and Kara Brooke had her little Crocs on, we are not real sure what happened at that point but I am pretty for sure that her shoe got stuck and with the force of Kaylee behind her we think her little foot turned around backwards. Kara Brooke started screaming and would not put any weight on it all. I had just got dinner on the table and Kris came in telling me what happened. I knew right away that she must go get x-rays, {seeing how Kaylee has turned me into the pro with all of her broke bones}. We got to the Murfreesboro ER at 7:20 and did not leave there until 11:30. All in all Kara Brooke was really good considering she had not had anything to eat and was in pain. After three xrays and a WHOLE lot of screaming the Dr. came in to tell us that he was 98% sure there was not any broke bones but of course there could be a hairline fracture that was not visable. He went on to tell us that it is very hard to break baby bones as they are still really soft. My concern was the growth plate in her ankle {what Kaylee broke the first time} I knew what kind of damage that could cause. Bless her little heart after we got out of there she was so tired and hungry. I did have some baby food in her bag so she ate a little bit of that but was like are you kidding me I eat big girl food! We stopped at Sonic at midnight, she and I both scarfed down a hamburger. Tuesday she would not walk on it at all then yesterday and last night she was doing better, but was still limping and reaching for things to hold on too. It is so sad to watch her though sometimes she will try to crawl but that just makes her mad because she can't get there fast enough. Please keep our baby girl in your prayers that this little foot heals real soon. I tried really hard to post prints of the x-rays because they were too cute but for some reason I can't get them uploaded. Oh well you will just have to settle for this picture!


Robyn said...

She is too cute!!

The Howard Family said...

Bless that sweet baby's heart! We haven't had to make a trip to the ER yet (knock on wood), but I should probably prepare for that at some point in our future! Hope that KB gets better soon. I'll be thinking about you all!

Karen said...

Bless her little heart!I will pray that her foot heals soon:)