Friday, July 31, 2009

Kris' 35th birthday

Kris picked Hooters this year for his birthday dinner. I am NOT a fan of this place at all and we NEVER go! But I thought well this is what he be it! The whole way over there Kris is telling me how good their food is and they have the best chicken wings ever! I didn't say anything, just sitting there thinking you know I don't even eat chicken on the bone! {ha!} Anyway my parents went with us and there was not a lot of people there at the time we went. As I looked over the menu wondering what in the world I was going to choke down just to make him happy I saw BONELESS chicken wings. I love Domino's so surly this place had better one's I thought. I must admit when the food came out.....{I hate to even say it} but it was SOOOOO good! Of course when Kris asked if I liked it, I said, "It is ok." Just kidding, I did tell him it was very good food. I still don't think it is a great place to take my girls all of the time and for sure do not want them to think it is ok to dress that way...but it was a fun afternoon never the less.

I was trying to get a picture of the 20 HOT wings and I don't know how many crab legs that my husband was putting away!
Mom told the girls that it was Kris' bday so they made him do this in front of the whole restaurant...act like a chicken! It was hilarious, I still can't believe he did it!

Kaylee said Kara Brooke looked like Popeye!

Happy Birthday honey! I hope you had a great day. Thank you for being such an awesome Daddy!


Susan said...

I think that's a great look for Kris!! lol

Anonymous said...

Amanda Mc said...
Good grief you ol' prude, lighten up on the Hooters' girls! LOL
Seriously, I would agree it's not the best place for young girls but it was Kris' b-day and it just shows what a loving and caring wife you are to stick it out because you knew it was what he wanted. Just remember, he does that for you too. Love ya chick.

Robyn said...

I always hated it there, but it has grown on me. The food is great, but I don' want AC to ever work there. The first time we took her, they ate her up. One of the girls gave her a balloon (orange of course) and wrote "Hoot Hoot Your Cute" on it. How very clever. :)