Sunday, January 31, 2010

SNOW fun weekend 2010

On Friday, we got an unbelievable snow fall.  It came so fast, school had already closed the night before, thank goodness and the bank that I work for closed at 1 pm.  It was so beautiful and the kids enjoyed it all weekend long!
This is what the back of our house looked like after we got home.

Kaylee immediately had to go outside and make a snow angel!

Kara Brooke watched form inside, it was just a bit cold for her!

Then of course Daddy had to get the four wheeler out for a little action!

After they came in and warmed up, we made some delicious snow cream!!

Kara Brooke thought it was yummy too!!!

As did Kaylee!

What a mess!

Saturday Kris took Kaylee to sled down the hill at the flood gates! I swear she had a hat on, must have blown off, by the look on her face she was going pretty fast!

Fun, fun!

Later in the afternoon I just happened to catch this little guy peeping in on us!  Isn't he gorgeous!

Sunday, Kaylee had a friend over and we did some more sledding.  We are always looking for a great hill and we finally found it in our own front yard!  The girls had a blast!!

Hannah, Kaylee and Kara Brooke

Daddy taking it all in.

And this is what KB did when it was not her turn to sled!  She loved it so much!  Poor baby....

Kara Brooke the dare devil going down all by herself!

Later in the afternoon, our neighbor Jada and her daughter, Julia came over to join the fun!

Julia and KB ready for take off!

Something tells me Julia was enjoying her ride!

Oh yeah and Princess Kara Brooke being carried back up the hill!

Julia, Kaylee and Kara Brooke!!

It was such a fun weekend and we so enjoyed being snowed in!!  We ate and played games and tried to win some ebay auctions! ha!  Kaylee didn't have to go back to school until the following Wednesday so she was loving that!  God treated us to a mini vacation right in our back/front yard!

Hope you all had a fun filled snowy weekend too!

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