Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas parade & 16th birthday

Saturday was a very busy day and I have a ton of pictures to share.  
We always look forward to our town's annual Christmas parade, it has become a family and friend tradition every year to watch it to together and we always have the best time!!

So soon as the parade was over we had to go grab a bite to eat and then go finish blowing up balloons for my cousin Katie's sweet 16th SURPRISE birthday party!  We had a blast at her party and she was very surprised, she knew her Mom was up to something but she just couldn't figure what! was perfect!!!!

This is the picture right after she ducked her head down like we were throwing something at her!!!

My beautiful Momma & my beautiful daughter!!  Don't you think Kaylee looks a lot like my Momma?  Kris and I think she favors her so much in this picture!  Poor Kaylee right after this picture she got very sick and we ended up leaving the party early!  Poor girl!!

Katie and her sweet Nana!

16 birthday wishes!!!

Kara Brooke loved her some cake, especially after she had already stuck her finger in it before Katie even cut it!!!

Happy 16th Birthday Katie, we love you very, very much!!!

Sunday was Mom's birthday,  I didn't take any pictures that day.  She and my step-dad came over and I fixed diner and she opened her gift.  We just kept it low key since Kaylee was still sick and it was sooooo cold outside!!!
Basketball practice for Kaylee starts this week, she is excited and I guess I am too!!!  ;)

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Abramyan Avenue said...

The party looks so fun! What a nice surprise! And yes, your daughter does favor your mother alot! I was looking through old albums at my mothers house and came across her baby photos and was just amazed at how much my youngest looks like her as well!!