Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

We had a great night out for New Year's Eve.  We went bowling with Kara Brooke's BFF Kaegan and her family.  They always have their six niece's and nephews over so we took them all to the bowling ally and then went back to Kayla & Brett's house to ring in the new year!  We had a blast!  Once again I am so thankful for such wonderful friends.  We have found some of the best people through our children and we are loving every minute and enjoying making so many memories!

Kaegan & Kara Brooke

Me & Kate...she looks like she belongs to me, huh?

Kara Brooke learning how to bowl!  She was so funny the first few times, she would cry after she let the ball go because she thought her ball was gone forever!

  And let me just add after the first game, our warm up round, Daddy did really good!  I didn't know he was such a good bowler!  ha!

This was the first round I was telling ya about!  Kayla & Brett are the big time bowlers!
They both did fabulous every game!

Me & Kayla
She is such a sweet girl and we have so much in common.
She & I are coaching basketball together this year.  I love coaching with her because she loves the game as much as I do and we seem to work really well together.  Our first game is next weekend- we are excited!

K-bug having fun!

We had two very tired little girls but after we got back to the Young's house they were both wild and ready to ring in the new year!  Kaylee spent the night with all the rest of the kiddos and I think they only slept a few hours but they all had a blast!  

Happy New Year!!

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