Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day at Nana & Papaw's 2010

After we finished up at our house we got ready and headed to Nana and Papaw's.  Of course Nana had a huge spread of yummy food.  She is the best, she always makes sure everybody has one of their favorite foods.  Right now I'm still stuck on the broccoli casserole!  After lunch it was time to dig into all the presents!

KB loves playing with all of Nana's decorations!

Kaylee and that cell phone....she is proud!   

Me and my mini-me!

Kris' mini-me!

Our excited girls!

The Adams' family!

Isn't she soooo sweet?  ha!

We had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and we are very thankful that we are so blessed!  Our family is so good to us and we love each one so much!  
I can't believe Christmas 2010 is now in the books!  Why does time go so fast?  Now that Christmas is over, I'll tell ya....I stressed myself out this year...big time!  Normally, I am done shopping, done wrapping and enjoying the Christmas season.  This year I was not, no where near done until the very last minute.  Like I had to be somewhere the next day I was JUST wrapping their presents the night before!  Wow...that stressed me so so much!
I told Kris that I would never let myself get like that again!  I like to be ready!  We were just so busy this Christmas season, something every weekend and something most week nights!
But I made it and as you can see everything turned out just perfectly!
Oh and just for the record...we had a white Christmas this year!  Nothing prettier than looking at the tree twinkling with snow flakes flying outside!  Just magical!!
I sure hope you all had a great Christmas!!

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