Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas morning 2010

Santa made it!!!

The girls got up to quite a few gifts from Santa.  I think he was very good to our girls this year.  I wondered of we would be on the good list from time to time this year but thank goodness Santa watches us ALL the time even when we are at school!!  I think that helped both girls this year! ha!
Kaylee got up at 5 o'clock and I made her go back to bed, she was so excited but I knew we couldn't get KB up that early.  So we went back to sleep for a little while and when we got up Nana and Papaw were at our house with homemade breakfast foods and they had the coffee going.  MeMe always spends the night with us on Christmas Eve so she was there to to enjoy Christmas morning too!

Christmas morning girls!

Presents from Momma & Daddy! 

Kara Brooke's big present!

Yeahhhh...a kitchen!  She was so excited.  Really that is all I should have bought!!

And then Kaylee's big present.....
And YES she was very, very excited!
Her Daddy and I told her that she could not have one until she was ten, so she was very surprised since it was 6 months early!  

We are so very blessed and so thankful for our family!

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