Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pray for Korley

If you are a member of our little community, you know Korley!  If not let me explain...Korley is a sweet girl that goes to school with Kaylee she is a year and half older than Kaylee but in our small town everyone knows everyone.  At 3 months old Korley battled leukemia and won only the chemo left her little lungs severely damaged.  She has done pretty good the last 9 years of her little life, she has been in and out of  hospitals and has just been a real fighter.  She has been on a double lung transplant list in Pittsburgh for a while now until she got sick again.  She had to go back in the hospital be put on an ECMO machine which is a heart lung by pass machine.  It basically has let her body rest and heal.  The only problem is she can not stay on the machine very long.  A couple of days ago they decided to try and wean her off the machine.  After several unsuccessful tries her Mom and Dad had to make the decision to completely take her off the machine.  It was a very risky call, her lungs had to do what they were supposed to do and there was no way to know if they would or not. After several text messages and phone calls by Korley's mother asking that everyone pray- in a couple of hours, another email came that said Korley was off the machine and holding her own.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!  As of today she has had up and down moments but all in all she is still holding her own.  The family has asked that we now pray for her gift of life to LUNGS!   Unfortunately when that gift comes she will have to be airlifted to Pittsburgh to receive the transplant.  

It has truly amazed me at how our community has come together to pray for this sweet child.  Her favorite color is green and then the color yellow is the color of "come home" so everyone has yellow and green ribbons all over the town and signs in yards to "Pray for Korley"!!  There are several benefits planned as well in the next few weekends.  Facebook is covered in green and yellow as well as, well wishes for Korley and her family.  

I know there are several of you readers that may not be from our area so I am asking that you please "PRAY FOR KORLEY" too...would you?

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