Monday, January 24, 2011

Sneaky...Sneaky.... I was getting dinner ready and working on a load of laundry tonight, I hear a little sneaky mouse, I mean Kara Brooke!  As I looked around the corner this is what I found!

She had the Ritz Bitz, taking them apart, eating the cheese out of them and then putting the two crackers under the cabinet!  SERIOUSLY......oh yes....that is our Kara Brooke!  Would you like to see her stash?

There is NEVER a dull moment with her, it is always something!!  She keeps us laughing and on our toes at all times.

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Abramyan Avenue said...

Haha!! Too cute! This reminds me of when my youngest was around KB's age and was going to spend the day with my mom. She ran back into the house for her purse..ok..not problem. Then my mother called me and told me that Lena was real quite and hiding behind the rocking chair. In her purse was all types of Russian chocolate candies that we bought and she was surrounded by wrappers! I didn't have the opportunity to photograph that, it's so special that you did!