Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a few pictures

Wow-- REALLY....3 whole weeks.....goodness we have been busy, busy around here!  You know it's bad when Kris says, "Hey you haven't updated our blog lately!"

The pants that she has on....yeah, she came home from the hospital in them!!  LOL

I know, no pictures of Kaylee but the kid is NEVER at home!!  
Kaylee is on spring break this week so I took the week off to spend with her!  Even though the weather has not been very springish at all...we are still enjoying time off!!!
We have our first softball tournament this upcoming weekend, I will be so excited to see our girls on the field.  They have worked really hard conditioning during the winter but have only been on the field maybe 5 times, if that.  But you have to start somewhere...and for us it will be this weekend!!

I hope to get back in my regular blogging mode this week!

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