Sunday, March 6, 2011

Basketball ends

Basketball has officially ended and the gray team took 2nd place!!  I was so very proud of these girls, they all learned so much.  But of course I have to brag on my girl.  I think she had nine points and about 19 rebounds!!!  Seriously I don't think it was quite 19 but she had a lot!! ha!  I hope think that basketball is going to be her sport!  Don't get me wrong she loves softball too but in my opinion she is a much better basketball player!

After the game we celebrated with our team at McDonalds.  And then it was off to softball practice for three hours!
Sunday we watched the MTSU Lady Raiders in the SunBelt Tournament at Nana & Papaw's on pay per view.  Our girls were top seeded going into the tourney and unfortunately they just couldn't get it together today.  They all had their nails painted purple, wore purple ribbons in their hair, (Tina's favorite color) had black number 20 patches on their jersey's and instead of their usual warm ups they wore black t-shirts with "20gether" on the front and "Stewart" on the back.  Also they had Tina's uniform on the first chair of the bench....ahhh soooo sad!!!  I think the girls just had too much on their plates this week but its not completely over, we will just have to wait and see how the rest of the chips fall to see what is next for our Lady Raiders!
No matter what happened today....I know a nine year old that is still a HUGE MTSU Lady Raider fan!!!
Gooooo BLUE!!!

After the game Kaylee had softball practice again, Kris took care of that. While I ran to the grocery store with coupons in hand and I saved almost $50.00!!!  KB stayed at Nana's and had a nap!

I think this next week will be the first week in a long time that we will have nothing to do but come home every night this week!!!

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