Saturday, March 5, 2011

Missing in Action

Whewww busy, busy...I have a lot of catching up to do.  So hang on I'm going to journal the last two weeks pretty quickly.
Of course as you know Kara Brooke has been pretty sick, the following pictures are her taking her breathing treatment and her cow machine.  She is doing a lot better even though I have had to take her back to the Dr. two times this past week with an ear infection.  She kept spiking a fever again and basically the first antibiotics were just not strong enough to kill the infection since she has been on so many different drugs in the last month.  But as of today she has been fever free for 24 hours.  Thank goodness!

Last Saturday, of course we played basketball and lost again to the one and only team that has beat us three times!  Wheww....just couldn't get past them.  Kaylee had an ok game, had more rebounds than points but we were still very proud!
Saturday afternoon we had to go help out with Kaylee's travel softball team with a chili supper and corn hole tournament.  we had a very good turn out and raised quite a bit of money for our girls!  

Kaylee has never played corn hole EVER but they had a kids tourney going too and she and her friend Jaley won second place!!  They won $10.00 each and they were sooooo excited.  They wanted to make sur ethat everyone knew that they got beat by a sixth grade and a eighth grade boys!!!  ha!

Sunday afternoon we went to the MTSU game.  It was Senior night and the last home game of the year. It was also Kara Brooke's very first MTSU game!  She did so good and loved watching "the horsey" our  mascot is a horse named Lighting and she tried to keep up with him most of the game.

On the following Wednesday we got very bad news that one of the MTSU players, Tina Stewart was killed by her roommate.  Such a senseless and tragic act of violence that was so very hard to explain to Kaylee.  She just couldn't understand why someone would do something like that to Tina, "because she was such a great player!"  All of this happened two days before the team was to hit the the road to Hot Springs, AR to play in the SunBelt Conference Tourney.  So sad....they had a memorial service in her honor  on Thursday at Murphy Center.  Please pray for Tina's family, coaches, team mates and friends!

If you look closely, Tina is in the white uniform facing the camera.  She did have a great game Sunday too!!  RIP Tina...we will miss you #20!

Kaylee again with her favorite...Anne Marie

Kaylee and Ebony!

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