Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catch up again!
I have just now uploaded some pictures off of my camera.  So bear with me!

Thanksgiving came and went so fast, Kara Brooke woke up throwing up Thanksgiving morning and could not hold anything down.  So that changed our plans all around.  Kris and Kaylee went to Kris' Dad's get together while I stayed back with a sick KB.  She finally got to feeling better late that afternoon so we ventured out to my Mom's house and Kris' Mom's house, so glad we did.
So many blessings and so much to be thankful for!

The annual Shelbyville Christmas parade is always a must for our family and friends! 

And we have been to so many ball games in the last month, high school, college and now Kaylee's league has started up!!!  

Celebrating Nana's birthday!
She is the best!
We Love you Nana!

And of course Kaylee has been working the MTSU basketball games as ball girl.  She rebounds the balls for the Lady Raiders during warm ups, provides water to the refs and mops the floor!!!  AND SHE LOVES EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!  She thinks its awesome that she was picked to work several of the home games and she loves being right in the middle of everything and being so close to the team that she loves!!!!

We have had something going on everyday and of course we are getting ready for the Holidays!!!  I LOVE this time of the year, even though I keep wondering how will I get everything done?  Are you finished shopping and wrapping????  I'm not!!!!  :)

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