Sunday, July 29, 2007

Our week started off with Kaylee going to Shelbyville soccer, Monday thru Friday for four hours everyday. I took off from work Thursday and Friday to spend time with Miss Kaylee before she starts school, Friday afternoon we decided to take a trip to Chattanooga. Our first stop was Ruby Falls Friday evening. I had been before but Kris and of course Kaylee had never seen it. It was so pretty going through the cave and then seeing the falls and wondering what it might have been like crawling through that cave and then finding the amazing falls. Kaylee was kind of nervous when we started but then she decided it was really neat. From there we went and got a hotel room and then went downtown to eat and let Kaylee walk down the "water steps". We ate at Big River Grill and then headed back to the hotel to call it a night. Saturday morning we woke up to a rain storm and was kind off bummed because pretty much everything we wanted to do was outside, we finally decided to get on up, get ready and prayed that the rain would hold off. Our first destination was the incline railway that pulls you atop Lookout Mountain. When we got to the top it was not that spectacular because the haze was so thick and you couldn't see anything. So we went back down the mountain and then headed up to Rock City. If you have never been to Rock City everyone should go at least once. It is such a beautiful and amazing place. We made it through "Fat Man's Squeeze" and the "Needle's Eye", Kaylee was the first to point out that she didn't have to turn sideways to walk through either of them and that her Daddy and I both did. Kaylee decided that she wanted to try to climb the rock wall of course Kris and I let her try it, thinking that there was no way she would be able to do it, boy did she fool us! That little turkey climbed all the way to the top like she was a pro and had done that a million times. There was a lady setting beside us and her son was climbing on the other side and she was watching Kaylee in aw that it was her first time, she could not believe how she just scurried up the side of that rock. After that we had to go get Dippin Dots and water and take a break. After going through Fairyland caverns we made our way to the end of the enchanted trail and into the gift shop. Nana gave Kaylee $10 to spend on Fri. before we left so that money was burning a hole in her pocket. She purchased a bag full of gem stones ("to remember her trip by") and a cup, and oh yes....rock candy on a stick!!! Kris says that is the one thing that he remembered so much about his first trip to rock city...imagine that!! We left there and went back to downtown to the Creative Discovery Museum.....Kaylee had a blast there!!! She was running around everywhere, she absolutely loved all the hands on stuff. We finally had to tell her they were about to close just to get her out of there. On our way back to the car we took a little detour to Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop. That was just icing on the cake to a hot humid day!!! From there we headed back to Shelbyville and before we even got on the interstate Kaylee was already asleep in the back seat!!! Today we got up got ready and went to Frankin for a birthday party at Snip It's, a hair salon for kids. It was the neatest thing, all of the girls got their hair and nails done, made a craft and then got to dress up and walk down the red carpet. Kaylee really enjoyed herself. So as you can see we had a very busy week. Just a week and a half until school starts! If you would like to see more pictures of our trip, click on the "more photos of the Adams'" link to the left.


jpasalakis said...

Love your blogs. I can't believe how big Kaylee has gotten...she's a very pretty girl.

I'll have to add you to our links list on our site.

Anonymous said...

that was $20.00, not $10.00. wonder what she did with the other

Nana Pam