Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wow, what an amazing Thanksgiving weekend we had!  I am truely greatful for all of my many blessings that God has so graciously blessed me with! 
Thursday morning we got up and watched the Macy's parade, then got dressed and was at my Mom's by noon.  Of course it was some yummy food to be had there, I think my Mom is one of the best cooks I know but I guess we all think that, huh?  I hope my girls say that about me one day.....
And let me just say that her dressing was very, very good this year but my fav-O-rite dish at Momma's was broccoli casserole!  Ohhh man....fabulous!!!
After lunch, Kara Brooke was ready for a nap while she was napping, Kaylee, Mom and I headed to see some of my cousins that I have not seen in probably twenty years.  These two cousins found me on Face Book, they are on my real Daddy's side.  I must admit I was a little nervous but everything was just fine and I am so glad they found me!
Later that evening we went to Kris' mom's and ate again.  My favorite thing at her house was the potatoes and rolls!!
I am ashamed to say that I only made the following three pictures....sad I know!!!  

After we finally got back home, we had to read the Elf on the Shelf book in hopes that our Elf would make his way back to our house from the North Pole.  We were pleasantly surprised that he did on Friday morning.

Friday morning I had to work while folks were out shopping, I did get a couple of things ordered and then ended up getting off work at two so I ran to Murfreesboro to get an item that was on sale.  After finishing that up I headed back to my Mom's to meet up with Kris and the girls.  My step brother and his family were coming in from Indiana.  We always have the best time when they are here, sadly they couldn't stay long, but I am very thankful for the time that they were here!

We finally got our Christmas trees and decorations up Saturday and Sunday.

This is the family tree in the den, I just love it. 

There is just something about all the lights off and nothing on but the glow of the Christmas tree.  It is so calming and cozy to me.

This is Kaylee and Kara Brooke's tree in the other living room.  They always have a lot of their ornaments from previous years that we end up not putting on our big tree so we got this tree for them this year.  I love it too and the girls especially love it!

And this is Kaylee's little tree in her room!

Once again we are looking forward to another busy week...busy month for that matter.  Something almost every night and something every weekend.
Kaylee will be starting basketball probably this week and today she started boot camp with her new softball team!  I'm guessing she will be a little on the sore side the next few mornings.  But I am very thankful that she worked so hard and she is meeting so many new friends!  God is so good!!!
Have a great week!!

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