Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Kara Brooke

Kara Brooke,
Today you are 3 years old!!
I can not believe that 3 years have past since we first saw your sweet face.  You have been an absolute joy in our lives and we can not imagine life with out you.  Your strong will is one of your best assets although some days your strong will makes me want to pull my hair out but I know one day you will be a great leader of some kind.  You always know just what you want and there is no changing your mind.  You have the funniest personality and we laugh so much at/with you.  You love your big sister so much and LOVE going to the ball field with her.  She loves you right back, don't get me wrong, even though there are seven years difference in your ages you can still have some knock down fights and arguments!! 
I hate to say it out loud only because I do not want to jinks it but I'm thinking just maybe you are past the terrible twos!!  You have started listening so much better and you don't get in as much trouble as before, you do still have your times.  Like in the mornings when we are all three rushed to get out the door.  You do still need your nap because that is when you get in the most trouble these days when you do not get one and you get grouchy when you are tired.  
You get drug to so many ball fields and practices but you LOVE it!  You ask almost everyday when I pick you up from daycare if we are going to the ball field!
You can carry on conversations just like an adult and you talk just like your sitter, Mrs. Joy, loud, scruffy and with a lot of syllables!!  LOL
You always have something funny to say and I need to start writing them down just so we can remember everything.  When someone ask when your birthday is you always answer, "May in the 12th!"  You love Minnie Mouse and you have started watching more TV.  You love your baby dolls and you love real live just can't get enough of them.  I bet you will be a great Mommy one day!!  You love your toys and you actually play with toys and you can play by yourself.  You love to be outside doing anything.  Your eating habits have not changed since day LOVE to eat and will eat almost anything!!

You love your friends and you think you should already be having sleepovers just like Sissy, although you will not even spend the night with Nana!  Speaking of Nana you love her so much, you are a Nana's girl ALMOST as much as you are a Mommy's girl.  You get to stay with Nana quite a bit when we are traveling with Kaylee and her ball team.  You two have the best time together and you are so good for her.
You are potty trained and have been for a VERY long time except for night and you have no desire to give up your pull ups at night.  You weigh about 36 pounds and you are pretty tall, we go soon to the Dr. for your 3 year old check up.
You are a very special baby girl and you are so opposite from your sister.  You most definitely complete our family of four and we are so thankful that God saved you for us!!!

We love you Kara Brooke Adams and Happy Birthday baby girl!!
Today it is all about you!!

This weekend will be celebrating Kara Brooke's birthday Minnie Mouse and zebra print style!!  Can't wait!!!

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